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Coyote Group – Nightclub & Event Management
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Bedroom Beach

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About us

Coyote Group is a trade group of companies that unites the leading restaurants in Bulgaria, which have become an emblem of free spirit and entertainment. We own and manage clubs whose program has been writing its daring and unusual history in the pages of nightlife for over 15 years.

Beyond traditional events.

Futuristic costumes, unseen elsewhere, extravagant hairstyles and artistic make-up, a work of top designer and stylist Donka Boeva, as well as spectacular avant-garde choreography, transport the guests of the overcrowded clubs to an imaginary world.

Coyote Group's conceptual events are characterized by their own style and affinity for provocation in all its sensory dimensions.

Costumes, visions, lights and effects - everything is art for us!


Years of experience
in the development of

Profiled activity

In the overall development of sites and restaurants we try to plan carefully every detail and give it expression, in the right way and at the right time.

We try to convey the individual look of each institution - a process that over the years we have mastered to the maximum.

We develop our places in areas, with a lot of knowledge and experience about their specifics.

With over 600,000 followers on social media, our sites are recognizable everywhere and enjoy great attention.

We create advertising strategies and events in which we do not bother to impose bold messages and innovative concepts.

DJ and events with guests from all over the world

Different and unique, with their rich history, our clubs host some of the most avant-garde artists, musicians and dancers, who remained in the hearts of the audience with unforgettable sets and performances.


— Partners


Interior design - CAVO

Interior design - Bedroom Premium

Club of the Year - Bedroom Beach