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Sofia's best-selling nightclub, Bedroom Premium Club, returns not just revamped, but completely reimagined for its 16th season.
The landscape layout of the new furniture allows for different perspectives and a sense of 360° panorama.

The effect is amplified by the added areas of 3D video mapping, lighting and sound that create a "spacey" atmosphere in the familiar "Great Gatsby" premium manner.



Falsehood is again absent. Everything is made of real wood, metal, stone, glass, leather, natural textiles and golden varac. Every detail is handled with meticulous precision.

In the consumer "plastic" and "cheap" world of our time, Bedroom Premium Club retains its boutique character with a "tailored suit" feel. This is the place of demanding people, with a high criterion for the comfort of their surroundings, this is the club of modern "demanding people". This is your club!


gr. Sofia, ul. "Lege" № 2

Information and reservations:
+359 888 764 422

Email address: