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A beach capable of taking you to a prolonged state of nirvana, breathtaking with its pristine waters and fine sand. In its pastel and earthy colours, CAVO is much more than a place: it is the passionate and free-spirited heart of the southern Black Sea coast. It carries an ideology with which we welcome our guests to plunge them into the depths of what we believe in - our philosophy of life.

Under the scorching sun, CAVO is a paradise where wild nature combines with unpretentious luxury. Set on fine sand, close to the well-protected Pontic dunes of Cavazzi, CAVO is a temple for all sun worshippers, filled with convenient facilities such as: handmade umbrellas and comfortable sun loungers, delightful food offerings and fresh beach drinks.

Our coastal oasis encompasses a dreamy beach, an open-plan restaurant and an artistic DJ booth for our musical rituals.

Hypnotic instrumental music, choice vocals and a unique sound selection is what some of the world's most current artists present.


gr. Sozopol, Smokinya-north, Kavatsi

Information and reservations:
+359 88 372 2433

Email address: