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In the ravines of the urban jungle, one nightclub bar stands out for its charisma and splendour - the new Mancó.
The stunning granite bar is illuminated by dazzling chandeliers, while the exquisite curtains highlight the baroque style and authenticity of the old architectural building, which has preserved the unique history of the Bulgarian capital. 

With graceful movements behind the bar, Mancó's mixologists carefully craft each drink to perfection. The menu offers a diverse selection of cocktails, from classic favorites with a modern twist, to innovative blends that are sure to surprise and inspire.

As the night progresses, the bar is filled with a diverse crowd of trendy city dwellers. Young professionals mingle with artists and intellectuals, creating a vibrant and eclectic atmosphere. Intimate conversations are punctuated by the clinking of glasses in an expression of good cheer.

The expertly curated DJ playlist combines timeless classics with the energy and rhythm of modern beats. This perfect alchemy creates a sound that is both nostalgic and contemporary, and sets the perfect tone for a night where the pleasures never end.


gr. Sofia, ul. "Ivan Vazov" № 3

Information and reservations:
+359 885 118 115

Email address: