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The new hip-hop wave of Sunny Beach Bay

Summer 2021 is in full swing, and with it the big hip-hop parties in Sunny Beach. Tomorrow, August 4, will be one of the most colorful in Bedroom Beach – Pimps’N’Bitchez. Because of him, directly from Nicosia, arrives one of the most famous artists in Cyprus – ABLAZE. He is half Australian and has participated in a number of collaborations with world artists.

Along with him, Venci Venc ’and Dim4ou will appear on stage. And while the author of the hit „Neighborhood Hollywood“ will perform his repertoire live, the duet partner of Pavell will shine as the host of the evening. Behind the counter will be DJ BIG D and DJ MIKEY FLEX, who has a long working relationship with the most visited clubs in Cyprus. Former adrenaline junkie Yana Hristova will present her seductive Turkic show – TWERK SQAD.

The party is divided into two parts – during the day and at night. Dim4ou and ABLAZE will perform at 14:00 by the pool of the club, and at 23:00 the real show begins.

A day later, on August 5, the scandalous MBT arrived in Sunny Beach. The most famous native rappers will not reveal their faces this time and will sing with masks, but they will be on stage with their friends BM and BLIZNACITE

V: RGO will be on the stage of Bedroom Beach for the first time this summer. The boy, whose eccentricity turned him into a star in negative time, confirmed the date – August 11. The first big concert of FYRE and GOCATA in Sunny Beach is planned for August 12. The interest in their show is huge, and the culmination of the hip-hop parties will be the appearance of 2BONA.

The biggest stars of the Republic of Northern Macedonia will literally blow up Sunny Beach, and the places for their concert will end in literally days. The performers are known for refusing invitations to participate and rarely singing in front of an audience.

The life of Mario Zelic and Antonio Stojanovski is expected to last more than an hour, and the date has already been officially announced – August 19. In less than a year, their YouTube videos have reached 50,000,000 views, and their hits have made them a sensation in the Balkans.

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