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About us

Coyote Group is a commercial group of companies that unites the leading Bulgarian restaurants that have become an emblem of free spirit and fun. We own and manage clubs whose programme has been writing its daring and extraordinary history in the pages of nightlife for over 15 years.

By 2020, the group will bring together the Bedroom Premium Club, Bedroom Beach, The 1, The 1 Exclusive, LEVEL and the seaside Dune hotel. In 2021, CAVO joins the Coyote Group family - a unique new type of venue with a sophisticated restaurant and daily programme, whose construction is fully compliant with new environmental standards. 


In harmony with nature, its conceptual extension is the solar Za Zú Lounge & Restaurant, opened in 2022. The restaurant unintentionally transports guests to the famous French Riviera without neglecting or forgetting about its local origins and identity.

To the sound of the foaming waves of the sea, with a variety of flavours, subtle aesthetics and musical rhythms, Coyote Group guests are invited to experience a new world that encapsulates our deep and sincere philosophy of life - that it is above all a pleasure worth experiencing.

To reinforce this feeling, guest DJs and performers from all over the world perform on the Coyote Group stage, and visitors become spectators of spectacular performances - part of the outdoor stages and original choreographies that accompany our themed events. The dancers in them are wearing unique costumes created by the talented designer Donka Boeva. And the dances, scenes and sets are simply stunning.

In addition to being a source of endless entertainment and memorable parties, Coyote Group is a responsible employer that provides career opportunities for over 300 young employees. These include managers and executives, chefs, waiters, bartenders, DJs and support staff. Many of these people are taking their first professional steps with us - an event we feel is a great responsibility. Therefore, it is our understanding that we owe both Coyote Group employees and our guests the highest standard of quality, along with a constant drive for innovation and self-improvement.

In the current year, the Coyote Group is pursuing ambitious new goals. The Group will continue its investments with two new sites by the end of the year and a planned expansion beyond the country's borders, and after the realisation of our new projects, we look south to the Greek resorts and the pearl of the Arab world - Dubai.

Our philosophy

We believe that creating products and services in close partnership with our customers is the only way to make a real impact on their business.

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Beyond Conventional solutions

We are committed to providing the full range of services - from design to brand and reputation management.

Beyond Conventional solutions

We deal with the full implementation of new sites from planning to commissioning

We have been successfully managing nightspots, bars, restaurants, hotels and retail outlets for over 15 years.

We are involved with our own creative concepts, booking, unique original costumes, choreographies and themed parties

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