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Behind Zú Lounge & Restaurant


"There are two times in a person's life when he can be happy: when he is young and in the summer."
-Briel Marino

The sea is freedom and adventure, magic and enchantment, an endless celebration of life, just like the place we want to take you to - Behind Zú Lounge & Restaurant.

Imagine a spacious beach, summer breeze and blue sea, comfortable loungers, beautiful tents, specially selected music, cocktails, fine food and lots of smiles - this is Za Zú Lounge & Restaurant - summer is at home here.

For us, beauty is art - it's our way of expressing ourselves. Thus was born a unique luxury that complements the natural beauty of the beach. In the exquisite ambience, touched by the waves of the sea, you will feel the quest for pleasure and the sense of freedom. 

Here beauty is everywhere and freedom can be tasted. The taste in Behind Zú Lounge & Restaurant is rich and exclusive. Here you can enjoy selected culinary masterpieces of Mediterranean and European cuisine, prepared by a renowned team for whom nothing is impossible.

Music is our passion, our Lounge area is the place where you can relax and mingle with the music of the sea and the best DJs. Our bartenders are true magicians who will make any classic cocktail you know or create one that only exists in your imagination.

We can't bottle summer, but we can give you a place you'll carry with you for a long time, because that's the art we want to show you - the art of living every moment to the fullest at Za Zu Lounge & Restaurant - L'Àrt De Vivre.


k.k. Sunny Beach, Cocoa Beach

Information and reservations:
+359 888 004 488

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