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A show from the future opens Bedroom Beach

Days before the astronomical summer, it will be welcomed in Bedroom beach – a scene of anticipated sea parties, world music stars and breathtaking memories.
The club reveals that June 17 is the day when the summer of 2022 will officially open.

The legendary house duo – Crazibiza arrives especially for the event in Sunny Beach. They will be the culmination of a virtuoso multimedia show that will exceed even the most daring expectations. The guests will witness a visual provocation that will transport them to the epicenter of the Meta universe. The futuristic show of sound and light will bring together attractive technologies, „alien“ artists and nearly 40 people on one stage. It took more than 3 months for the creative team of Bedroom beach to turn the eccentric idea into reality. For the third year in a row, the overall choreography of the performance for the opening of Bedroom beach has been entrusted to Milen Dankov.

The program of the official opening will continue on Saturday, June 18. Then the first of a series of cult day parties will take place by the pool of the club, and behind the counter in the evening will stand the iconic Dimo ​​Bg & Mr.K. These are artists who have repeatedly blown up international charts with their productions.

The big music events for the 2022 Season have already been officially announced. They will turn the beach in Sunny Beach into a stage for performances by world-class artists.
The Australian electronic duo SHOUSE will arrive in Bulgaria for the first time on July 30. They are the creators and performers of the absolute hit LOVE TO-NIGHT, which became the most listened song in the world for 2021. Their performance is a guarantee for the strong demand that the club gives musically this summer as well. In the next ten days, two more international stars will be announced, whose names remain a mystery for now.

The emblem of Bagatele Courchevel – Dj Joris De Ca – arrives in Sunny Beach on August 5. The media describes him as a true innovator of French club culture, and his sense of the extraordinary elevates him to Resident DJ of one of the most luxurious clubs – Bagatelle. Joris de CA is one of the busiest international artists, and his schedule is full for months to come.
The big music events of the summer continue with the performances of Liva K & Awen Live (July 23), which is a resident of VOID Mykonos and the favorites of Consul Trainin & Duo Violins, which will perform on August 13.

The stage of the club will again be preferred for the performance of the great Bulgarian stars such as Vasil Naidenov and Rushi Videnliev. Their boutique shows are scheduled for July 28 and August 18. There will be provocations such as Ivo Dimchev’s stage performance on August 11 and the traditional performance of the virtuoso violinist Svet Radoslavov on August 4.
Wednesday, as always, is reserved for the big R&B parties at Bedroom beach. The stage in Sunny Beach will host iconic artists from the Bulgarian rap and trap scene, and with confirmed dates for SHAKE THE ROOM live performances are MBT, V: RGO, TRF, FYRE, DIM4OU, Atanas Kolev and the stars of Northern Macedonia – 2BONA. Residents of the cult dinners will be Dj Theo, Moneystax and Akstazi.

Friday night is dedicated to the MIXTAPE concept, which is a phenomenon in the top clubs in Dubai, Mykonos and Saint Tropez. It is not just a style eclectic, but precisely selected club blockbusters from the world of R&B, Pop, Rock, Disco and House music in a commercial mix. Residents of the Mixtape evenings will be Dj Gorro, Big D and Deejane Flamme.
Part of the club’s special events will be the July morning reception with Pacho & Peppo (June 30), the Techroom themed dinners with Stephan Gee on July 7 and the Game of Gods show featuring Dj Mascota on July 9.

More details about the program of Bedroom beach for Summer 2022 can be found on the official Facebook page of the club.

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