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Vasil Naidenov captures Preslava

For the fourth year in a row, Vasil Naidenov put on a boutique show on the beach. On July 30, exactly at midnight, the most beloved Bulgarian singer took the stage at Bedroom beach to perform his unforgettable hits.

From the very beginning of his concert, he did not hide his excitement that he is in Sunny Beach again: „God, sometimes I want to see only you, because only with you I feel alive! I really love you, because during this difficult time you traveled hundreds of kilometers to sing with me … Because the old love does not rust. Love yourself too, don’t miss your train, don’t miss love. Chase her! Be high – it’s worth it!

The show lasted over 2 hours and included the biggest hits of the star. Together with Vasil Naidenov on the stage were some of the most talented Bulgarian musicians, with whom they literally blew up the audience. She, for her part, testified her love for the artist by calling him an encore 5 times. Among the guests was Preslava, who boasted of photos on social networks.

The culmination of the evening was the performance of the song „My old friend“, which the singer performed in a duet with Lili Ivanova. With tears in his eyes, Vasil Naidenov parted with the audience, and at the end he asked them to never forget his words: „The best thing is to be able to love, because that gives birth to life.“

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